I was the 5th place winner of Aziatix’s international t-shirt design contest!

© 2011

AZIATIX was a new and rising band back in 2011 and decided to have an International competition to promote themselves. Anyone was allowed to enter, and this was back when they only had ONE single. They were not even very popular yet. Out of thousands of entries, Aziatix chose ten of their favorites to be finalists. Mine was one of them. I was incredibly shocked and could not believe it. In the end after the Facebook poll, mine became the 5th place winner. First place won their design to be the first ever Aziatix t-shirt design. Everyone else including me won a free autographed poster that is hanging in my room now. Aziatix is now one of most recognizable R&B bands, topping iTunes charts with their unique Korean influenced style to their English R&B music. They are amazing, and I am honored to have such an awarding work from their contest.