During my time at Gelia Wells & Mohr in Williamsville, NY (April 2014 – Present), I’ve designed and developed numerous banners, email blasts, website graphics, and web design layouts. Some were done with the direction of art directors focused mainly in print, and others were designed independently.




Caterpillar Inc.



Redesign of Cat® Remanufactured Parts page on the Caterpillar Marine microsite
Originally the Reman page had only one image at the right and a few sentences of text at the left. More text was created and interactive elements to view the PDFs were necessary for the page, so I was asked to design what it would look like and how it would work.


Marine Email Blast
I was assigned to design multiple Marine email blasts from scratch with just text and images. This was the third under this specific job, and also the one that I had the most creativity and freedom with for the header. I was given the four photos separately, and created a sleek design by adding reflections under the machines and just putting a section of the water image at the top.


UK Flash banner designs
The animation layouts for these Caterpillar UK banner ads became so well-liked by the client that they referenced it for all of the other Caterpillar UK Google banners that I made while at Gelia. The yellow rectangle moved down to become the signature Cat yellow bars at the bottom or right, and the text faded in as the photograph panned to the left. I also did all the photo-manipulation for the desaturation on the image except for the yellow part of the machine.


Dealer Kit Advertisement Guide Graphic
Not having working files for making this was no problem for me – I ended up just taking the flattened jpg that was given as a reference and putting in what I needed to accordingly. It is essentially a graphic representing the different elements on our Caterpillar advertisements.



National Association for Music Education (NAfME)


NAFME51735mockups Untitled-1 Untitled-12

Banners/ads for National In-Service Conference in Nashville
The flash banner animation layouts and Facebook/LinkedIn advertisements were based off of a print ad and brochure created by an art director.






Find a Representative Map
This map on the “Find a Representative” page of the Caplugs website had about 6 less countries than what you see here, and had a couple countries that needed to be removed. The working file was nowhere to be found. I updated it by re-creating the style of the line indicators that were already there as close as possible, and carefully re-drawing the map image underneath the edits.



Dana Holding Corporation


Intermat Paris 2015 email banner
Dana is well-known for its rigid blue, grey, black and white color scheme and branding rules. Instead of straightening the machine in the banner like their usual layouts, an art director suggested rotating it to be on an angle. It ended up being my most favorite Dana banner that I made.



Hannay Reels



Aviation and Audio/Visual Flash and Static Banners
In 2014, Hannay had grey and black across all Flash and static banners, and even their print ads as well. The print art directors added a little more color to the 2015 advertisements by making the background color match the icon specific to the reel category being advertised, so I did the same with my new animated and static banners. It was really refreshing, especially the static audio/visual banner designs I made. In the aviation banner, the text and images faded in and moved in from one side.



Independent Health



Medicare flash banners
These two Flash animated banners were based off of a print ad created by an art director.



Trico® Wiper Blades



Trico Wiper Blade Microsite
This project never actually lifted off and the client ended up getting something else created for this campaign, but I designed and developed this microsite homepage from scratch. I believe it was just going to be on a tablet-type device and customers could click each of the buttons to go to the other pages. It was my first Trico project, and I pulled elements from the website and did my own digging around to find the reel packaging images.






2015 Holiday Party Website Design
I was asked to design the website for Gelia’s 2015 holiday party, based on creative that a print art director made. As simple as it is, I still wanted it done with responsive elements so it looked nice on someone’s phone if necessary.


Cystic Fibrosis Day email blast
I worked with a print art director and a copywriter to design an internal email blast design promoting a Cystic Fibrosis Day. “CF for CF” = “Couture Flannel for Cystic Fibrosis,” so anyone who wanted to wear flannel on that day could do so if they donated some money to the cause.