The Race Against Time is an annual Chrono Trigger charity gaming marathon raising funds for the Alzheimer Society of Canada. The Nickscast in Kitchener Ontario runs it every year by playing Chrono Trigger every August, and other great games throughout the year leading up to it. For their 2019 event, they asked for my help with re-branding.
First, they gave me their logo to alter the roman numeral number in. Then, they commissioned Chelsea Bee for the new artwork. Each Chrono Trigger character has been drawn to resemble The Nickscast as Crono Robo & Frog, Sophie (Nick Z’s significant other) as Ayla, TheGoatVG (he helped The Nickscast start this charity stream so they always include him as Magus in their graphics/artwork) as Magus, and me as Lucca. I joined them in person both in 2018 and 2019.
Once I received the artwork drawn by Chelsea, I began creating their major advertisement graphics. I also do voice work for their Zeal Archives podcast, where they have me voice Lucca, my favorite character from Chrono Trigger.

Advertisement graphic for Twitter


Advertisement graphic for Facebook & Instagram


8.5×11 flyer


AFK graphic for Twitch, which also was used as an advertisement detailing every game they were streaming for the charity.


I also made prize template graphics where they would drop in a transparent image of the prizes themselves and then put the descriptions of them in the caption.