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I got tasked to help University at Buffalo’s Campus IT department re-design their UB Mobile App.
A lot of the icons were taken from Font Awesome since we have a license with them. Some were modified by me.

Homepage view. Honestly, most of this app is just buttons leading to other pages with… more buttons. UB Learns, MyUB, Libraries, Athletics, UB IT and Dining (myubcard, that’s Campus Dining & Shops!) go to the corresponding web pages. Events goes to an event list page fed from the UB website. I believe Feedback goes to a form to send to UB.


How the Transportation page looks.


How the Maps UI looks.


How the News page looks. If you click News Center, it takes you to the page below:


How the News Center page looks.


How the Social Media page looks.


How the Emergency Contact page looks.


The UI when you search for someone in the directory.


My information shows up when you search my name.


I also made the app icon!