I was the secretary for University at Buffalo’s Japanese Student Association last year (2011-12), but even though I am not on the executive board for this year, (2012-13), they have asked me to design the JSA 12-13 t-shirt, track jackets, and Japan Nite (JSA’s annual play) t-shirt.
For the JSA t-shirt, a godzilla with a Japanese flag leads little turtles, and this graphic extends to the back, leading into this year’s quote “Together we become one.” The JSA logo is on the sleeve.
For the track jacket, they wanted the JSA logo on the front pouch, and an image of Mt. Fuji with cherry blossoms on the back, as well as a spot to put a name on the top.
For the Japan Nite ’13 shirt, (Japan Nite is again, an annual play put on by JSA every spring to promote Japan and it’s culture. The story and characters change every year.) the theme this year focuses a lot on the 5 main characters and 3 hosts, and a strong reference to Japanese comedy (hence the television set).


JSA 2012-2013 T-Shirts




JSA 2012-2013 Track Jackets

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Japan Nite 2013 T-Shirts

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